Hello world!

So we are living on a boat!

‘We’ being my lovely hubby Ric aka friendliest man in the world, Harry our 4 year old who is destined to be David Attenborough 2. Oliver 2,  who is destined to be God (in his own mind), currently suffering from a severe bout of 2 year olditis; Myself, 36 going on 2 and Sam our first born fur child.

The boat? Well technically she is a yacht. A boat with the big pole going through the middle of it. Not the super yacht eleventy hundred metres long with 15 pools and McDreamy staff fluffing our deck chair cushions every 5 minutes but a humble 51 ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey whose previous owner sailed the world seas for 14 years on.  ‘Annie T’ is well travelled and proven!

Why are we contributing to the blogosphere? (‘blog’, such an ugly word to record precious thoughts don’t you think?) With the 154 million blogs out there I am sure our creative writing skills will definitely be the most enriching read on the internet. Um… probably not but anyway two reasons; to provide some insight into our slightly left of centre living arrangement and to record the giggles and moments of our adventure to reflect on in the future.

Let me explain why on earth we are doing this. Ooh I hear the voices now…. on the left we have the ‘ you are cray cray taking small children on a boat in the middle of the ocean’ and the right ‘that’s friggin awesome’.

We were well on the road to fulfilling the ‘Straylian’ dream. We had the 5 bedroom house near the beach, had the nice car, had the 2 children and the dog, had well paid and flexible jobs but strangely something was missing; something that made you say you are truly happy with your bit in life. What was it?……… TIME!    Time not spent commuting, time to help your children with something that was important to them, time to spend with your partner without looking at some variety of screen, and time to look after yourself. So we chucked it all in and here we are living in a space that best resembles a one bedroom apartment. We know this change is going to be challenging and we promise in thought sharing moments like this that we will be completely honest ……. no polishing for the sake of the public!

So hopefully the above covers the basics of ‘who and why’.  I hope we had you at ‘Hello’ and you might check back some time. To my boys, I love you and to quote one of your current favourite movies Up, ‘Adventure is out there!’

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  1. Just love your first entry on the adventures of AnnieT, and can’t wait to follow your family adventure.
    You are both amazing to have the courage to live your dreams with your beautiful baby boys.
    ” you will never discover new oceans
    Unless you have the courage to lose sight of
    The shore”


  2. Well done guys I look forward to reading about your adventures we may catch up somewhere along the way as I travel around in my van. Take care and happy travels xxxx Marianne


  3. Good luck Zoe and family 🙂 I’m in the thinking you’re awesome camp. Xx


  4. Great stuff Zoe, hope rick sails straighter than he sweeps! Lookin forward to the next instalment.


  5. love it! You guys are awesome. Keep us posted. Xx


  6. Hey Zoesta & Boys,
    I just read this post and was truely inspired!!!
    Keep living the dream 😉
    Breestar!!! 😉


  7. Very cool and very exciting! Been following lots of blogs and we r working toward liveaboard one day!
    I’m so wanting the TIME ! Also that u r referring to. We(my wife and I) have 4 kids! And we r running around all the time and I just don’t feel like we have the time to spend together and I’m scared to death to wake up one day and my youngest will be moving out and I will feel like I didn’t see them enough! You can’t stop time and can’t go back! I’m one of those stuck in, if I could just get here… Or here then I can slow down a little and that here,, will never come! Between work, a side business baseball and cheerleading we are never stopping! Looking forward to following ur blog and showing my family what we could have if we make it happen!! Please keep it coming!!!


  8. Well I just wrote a huge long comment and tried to post it and it didn’t work ‘ so short version very excited to read ur blog!!! We wife and 4 kids are working toward doing same thing and I feel we need to do it very soon!! Oldest is 14!! Please keep them coming!! Can’t wait to read more!!


  9. Hi Zoe and Ric, we met not long before you left on the Pittwater. We had a turn of your paddle board to try it out !!!! We happened across your blog , so wonderful to hear you are having such interesting and eventful adventures. Gorgeous family hope safe sailing continues , X


    • Hi Michelle

      Thank you for your comments. Apologies for the delay in reply! Yes we are having a lovely time. Back on the Gold Coast for cyclone season and we think we will come back to Pittwater end of Dec for a month or 2. Hope to see you out there somewhere 🙂 x


  10. Hi RIck and Zoe we have just purchased Annie T – Awaiting survey – so excited 🙂 would love to chat cheers steve and karen


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