The Very Fabulous GC! 20th April- 12th June 15

How fun is the GC! We were supposed to stay there 2 weeks but ended up staying nearly 2 months. We completely get why everyone is moving here, a gazillion things to do. There is more plastic on the GC whether it be theme park rides, cars, boobs or botched botox jobs than anywhere else in Australia. On this note every time we drove past ‘Hooters’ Harry was determined to visit the ‘owl shop’. Um, no.

We based ourselves at Marinas Cove Marina and Harry had his first boating lesson on day one as he stood on the aft line, lost his balance and went straight into the water fully clothed. Of course he was wearing his ever faithful Wahu life jacket and we fished him straight out. It was a strategic parenting moment as we witnessed the whole process and thought it may prove to be a valuable learning lesson…… he hasn’t trodden on a rope since.

Ollie on the other hand provided our first hospital visit as being the comic genius that he is decided to shove a pea up his nose at dinner. Upon entering emergency he shouted out if everyone here had peas up their nose, resulting in the whole emergency waiting room and nurses cacking themselves. I had to give him mouth to mouth at the hospital to try and blow it out and various forms of tweezers couldn’t remove it so he had to have it removed by a eye, nose and throat specialist the next day. Still eating peas though as it is Ollie who is just tad fond of food.

Another reason for the extended stay on the GC was that Ric couldn’t help himself but renovate. Being a builder he decided he couldn’t resist but rip down the wall between the 2 front cabins to make it into one massive queen cabin for us. He was turning into a bit of a boomerang sleeping in the almost double sized bed in the back, and coupled with stern slap (not what you think dirty people!!) wasn’t getting the best sleep. We also under took some additional boat maintenance (did you know that ‘boat’ is an acronym for ‘Bring On Another Thousand’?) to ensure all was technically A1 before we took off.

Other GC highlights included Harry’s first roller coaster ride at Seaworld, Ollie’s love affair with ’Sylvesters Pounce and Bounce’ Surfing at Stradbroke Island, Mt Tambourine, the boys Pirate Birthday Party, Harry’s learning of Road Signs i.e. Crossing-‘Does that mean watch out for people’s pants’? and Speed hump-‘ does that mean watch out of peoples hats?’, our gorgeous marina neighbours Pete and Rochelle, Retirees Rave at Fishermans Tavern with Lisa Hunt, catching up with family and friends and Max Brenners on the marina.

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  1. Love reading about your aadvetures and there sure have been some family laughs. Our poor little Ollie, but can just picture the reaction from all in emergency when he asked if everyone had a pea up their nose. There is just so much to do on the Gold Coast especially for little ones, safe travels darling, cant wait for thhe next blog, Luv u all loads and loads nanny xxxxxx


  2. Seems you left a trail of destruction on the GC. We will be there in July to clean up the mess. Safe & calm sailing. Luv Chez & Brew xx


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